A Beginner’s Guide to Wrestling Techniques


Wrestling is a popular combat sport that requires strength, technique, and strategy. Whether you are interested in joining a wrestling team or just want to learn some basic self-defense moves, this beginner’s guide will introduce you to some fundamental wrestling techniques.

1. Stance

The first thing you need to learn in wrestling is the proper stance. The stance is the foundation of all wrestling techniques. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and weight evenly distributed. Keep your hands up, elbows in, and chin down to protect yourself from your opponent’s attacks.

2. Basic Takedowns

Takedowns are an essential part of wrestling. They involve taking your opponent down to the mat and gaining control. Here are two basic takedowns:

Single Leg Takedown

In this technique, you shoot for one of your opponent’s legs, driving your shoulder into their thigh. Grab their leg with both hands and lift it up while driving forward. Use your body weight and momentum to take them down to the mat.

Double Leg Takedown

This takedown is similar to the single leg takedown, but instead of targeting one leg, you go for both legs. Lower your level, shoot in, and wrap your arms around both of your opponent’s legs. Drive forward and lift, taking them down to the mat.

3. Escapes

Escapes are techniques used to free yourself from an opponent’s control. They are crucial for getting back on your feet or reversing a disadvantageous position. Here are two common escapes:

Stand-Up Escape

When your opponent has you on the ground, the stand-up escape allows you to get back on your feet. Start by posting one hand on the mat and the other hand on your opponent’s body for balance. Push off with your posted hand and explosively rise to your feet, turning to face your opponent.

Switch Escape

The switch escape is used when your opponent has you on your back. Start by turning onto your side and bringing your bottom leg up. Place your top leg over your opponent’s leg, hooking it. Use your hips and leg strength to roll onto your opponent, reversing the position.

4. Pinning Techniques

Pinning your opponent is the ultimate goal in wrestling. It involves holding your opponent’s shoulders on the mat for a specified period of time. Here are two common pinning techniques:

Half Nelson

The half nelson is a powerful move used to control your opponent on the mat. Start by reaching your arm under your opponent’s arm and behind their head. Lock your hands together, applying pressure to their neck. Drive your weight forward, keeping their shoulders pinned to the mat.


The crucifix is a more advanced pinning technique that requires flexibility and control. Start by securing one of your opponent’s arms by wrapping it with your legs. Reach over and under their other arm, locking it in place. Apply pressure and control their movement to keep them pinned.


These are just a few of the basic wrestling techniques that every beginner should learn. Remember, wrestling is a physically demanding sport that requires practice and dedication. Start with these fundamental techniques and gradually build your skills and knowledge. Whether you’re wrestling competitively or simply learning for self-defense, mastering these techniques will give you a solid foundation in the sport.

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