Improving Cornering and Braking Techniques: A Guide for Better Driving and Racing Performance


Driving skills are essential for both everyday driving and for those who have a passion for racing. One of the key aspects of driving is mastering effective cornering and braking techniques. These skills not only improve safety on the road but also enhance performance on the racing circuit. In this blog post, we will explore some effective cornering and braking techniques that can help you become a better driver and excel on the racing circuit.

Understanding Cornering Techniques

Cornering is a critical skill that requires precision and control. Here are some techniques to improve your cornering abilities:

1. Proper Line Selection

Choosing the correct line through a corner is crucial. The racing line is the most efficient path around a corner, allowing you to maintain speed while minimizing the risk of losing control. The racing line typically involves entering the corner wide, hitting the apex, and then exiting wide. Practice finding the racing line on different corners to improve your overall cornering performance.

2. Smooth Steering Inputs

When cornering, it’s important to avoid sudden and jerky steering inputs. Smooth and gradual steering movements allow for better control and stability. Start turning the wheel early before reaching the corner and maintain a steady and smooth input throughout the turn. This will help to maintain traction and prevent skidding.

3. Proper Weight Transfer

Understanding weight transfer is essential for effective cornering. As you approach a corner, the weight of the vehicle shifts towards the front. This means that the front tires have more grip than the rear tires. To optimize cornering, it’s important to transfer weight to the front tires by braking before the corner and then gradually releasing the brake as you enter the turn. This will maximize traction and allow for better control.

Mastering Braking Techniques

Braking is another crucial aspect of driving that greatly affects both safety and performance. Here are some techniques to improve your braking skills:

1. Threshold Braking

Threshold braking is a technique that allows you to brake at the maximum possible force without locking up the wheels. To perform threshold braking, apply firm and steady pressure on the brake pedal, gradually increasing the force until you feel the wheels start to lock. Release the brake slightly to maintain traction and control. This technique helps to reduce braking distances and allows for better control during emergency situations.

2. Trail Braking

Trail braking is a technique used in racing to carry more speed into a corner. It involves maintaining light brake pressure while entering the corner and gradually releasing the brake as you navigate through the turn. This technique helps to transfer weight to the front tires, improving grip and allowing for better control during cornering.

3. ABS Braking

Many modern vehicles are equipped with Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS). ABS prevents the wheels from locking up during hard braking, allowing you to maintain steering control. When braking with ABS, apply firm and continuous pressure on the brake pedal and let the system do its job. Avoid pumping the brakes, as this can reduce the effectiveness of ABS.


Mastering effective cornering and braking techniques is essential for both everyday driving and racing on the circuit. By understanding proper line selection, smooth steering inputs, and weight transfer during cornering, you can improve your overall performance and control. Similarly, practicing threshold braking, trail braking, and utilizing ABS can greatly enhance your braking skills and ensure safer driving. Remember, these techniques require practice and patience, so take the time to hone your skills and become a better driver.

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